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Do you like to have lots of money?  Do you want to earn  as much as HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS within TWO YEARS?

This is not a scam or a SPAM. It is legal. No crime. No need to spend even a dime.

FREE to learn, FREE to start, FREE to run.  

NO OBLIGATION. You can read it, you can follow it  or you can even throw it away and forget it. It is FREE  anyway.


I n t r o d u c t i o n.


          My name is Silvio Santosa. Thank you for joining this FREE program.  I highly appreciate your eagerness, your courage and your efforts to gain a brighter future. Your desire to enter this page, and in fact you are here now, shows me that you are one of the entrepreneurs who has a strong will to earn bigger incomes.  

          I composed this step by step lesson after a chain of trials and errors for no less than 2 years and lots of money spent. The long process of works and tireless efforts at last allowed me to gain a position where I earn much bigger amount of additional incomes.  I said INCOMES because THEY come from many different sources and NOT ONLY ONCE. They are flowing. Now I want to share my experience with anybody who wants to reach a position as an "above average income earner."  

  STEP 1


            In order to make yourself READY TO EARN MORE INCOMES, you need to begin with the following steps. 

        1.1. You need to have a computer with installed Internet  and E-mail programs, and you should be able to operate them.  Just the basic knowledge on it is sufficient. Surfing, copy and paste, sending and receiving e-mails, making folders, filling forms, and the likes.

        1.2. Prepare yourself to operate your Internet just for one hour a day, five days a week, 40 weeks a year for the first year. Working longer will waste your time and energy, unless you want to learn something else or work for a different project. Remember: 1 hour / day, 5 days/ week, 40 weeks/ year. 1/ 5 / 40.

        1.3. You need to have a notebook and a pen. The real notebook made of ordinary paper to make notes manually. Keep it in a save place, next to your computer. This is a practical tool to write passwords, ID numbers, URLs and important information about Websites you will work with as partners. They are selected Websites you will see in the following steps, each will give codes and numbers, one is different from the other. These codes and numbers are CasE SensiTive. Normal brain can't memorize them all.  Supposed something goes wrong with your Disk (hope it never happens), you will save hours of valuable works.

ALSO, Write down the URL of this page. In case of an error, and this page disappeared, coming back to this page is not a problem. This page can be save as a file in a separated folder. Make it available off line.

        1.4. You need to have a relatively permanent address, with definite Street Name, Area Code, State (or Province or Region), Country, and a telephone number. All Web-site partners will ask you to write it in their registration forms, otherwise you won't be able to join in their programs and you will not be able to earn even a dime. In case you have to move to a different location, please  arrange an agreement with the new occupants to keep your 'snail mails' (some of them contain checks) until you collect them, OR, edit all of your personal information in those many membership's Accounts.

        1.5. You will really need another e-mail address separated from the regular one you already used. This is important because e-mails will be sent from everywhere, to include junk mails and bulk mails. There will be hundreds of them. These mails should not disturb your regular mails.  Open a new e-mail account at one of the big Web-sites, such as Yahoo, Lycos, or Hotmail, or  whichever you like. They offer e-mail accounts FOR FREE. Avoid using  Many of your Web-site partners will refuse it for certain reasons (some said it put too many ads in every e-mail). Preferably do not use AOL.  It doesn't put the sender's name in its sent mails.

        1.6. You need to have agencies to do electronic transactions 24/7 .It is Easy and FREE. There will be no monthly or annual charge. They keep zero balance accounts active.

PayPal Account is sufficient, yet will be even better to combine it with gold accounts just in case.

   STEP 2


There are 3 (three) companies introduced in this Step 2. They offer their service to keep your money in the shape of bouillon, mainly  gold, instead of a certain currency. To transfer money into, or out of, the Account can be done electronically in any currency, and automatically the amount will be conversed into grams or ounces of precious metal.

To open an account is free, and to keep an account, even with zero balance, is also free. No monthly fee or annual charge.

 A fisherman will be ready with a freezer box, a creel, or just a string to keep their fish even before they have caught one. 

LINK 1.             

click here E-GOLD   The Link you have to click in e-gold Home page is 'Create Your Account" IT IS FREE  to keep an account. No fee.

 LINK 2.

click here   OSGold.

You will be taken to OS-Gold Home-page. The Link you have to click in this OS-Gold Home-page is: 'New Account'    It is also FREE to have an Account here. 

 LINK 3.

To enter FASTGOLD  click here    FASTGOLD. 

The Link you should click in this FAST GOLD Home page is written in BIG SIZE RED CAPITALS. It is very easy to find. To keep an Account at FasGold is FREE


    This Step 3 contains a set of instructions on building business foundation. A good foundation is very important to support the structure.  Whatever the structure is, either an organization or a physical construction, the foundation should be planned and calculated properly, otherwise the structure will collapse before it is functioning.  

            Businesses went bankrupt in the first year because their planners misinterpreted the theories. They failed to plan so they planned to fail. Market neglected their alien products. Starting a business with high capacity production and direct distribution  before being introduced is a poor strategy. By the time the error is realized, it will be too late to begin with a promotion campaign. 

      We actually could learn from giant companies, such as Boeing, Toyota, Nikon, Microsoft, or smaller companies who produced medicines or batteries or toys, or even individual researchers who worked on individual patented products. They started with gigantic campaigns before the production begins, often before they even got the permission to release the products. Advertisings offering a big discount to stay in a hotel, even before the hotel construction has been completed, can be seen everywhere. 

            Thus, the foundation of a business is not the machinery or production units but the promotion campaigns.  So then, here they are, a "brigade" to promote your business. Put them down as your strong foundation before the columns and frames are build.  Learning about their capabilities, their capacities and their powers will give you a good view on the chances to collect BIGGER INCOMES. They are your business partners. 

        In this step a number of different websites of different companies with different patterns and systems are chosen. These sites commonly are known as Traffic Builders or Traffic Generators. Their main work is selling space for ads. The advertisers pay them based on how many clicks, or how many times the ads appeared, therefore these web sites need people like you to click on the pages of ads, for which a fraction of a dime be paid. Because the commission to read those ads is too small, space for ads is offered to exchange with the small sum.  More or less it is a kind of a barter system; members click to see their ads and, as an exchange, members' ads will be exhibited to different surfers somewhere else. This is a win-win solution. 

       Links to enter the chosen Traffic Generators are here. This is a practical way to avoid mistyped URL and to save time. Just click on LINK 4 first and a registration page will be opened. Fill up the form, submit, and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the newly registered members. Repeat the registration process with LINK 5 and the following links, one by one, to make all applications completed.  Memberships are FREE.   


When you received the confirmation e-mails from your traffic generators please remember to save and, if possible, print them.  Write down your user names, passwords, IDs and all URLs in your manual notebook. 


Good. Let's go!

LINK 4. Click here   FastFreeway.

LINK 5. Click here   WebMasterQuest

LINK 6.  Click here Viral Visitors

LINK 7.  Click here   TrafficG

LINK 8.  Click here   NoMoreHits

LINK 9.  Click here   Click Rush

LINK 10. Click here   Link Referrals.  

This Link Referrals has a more complicated system. It is put together in this box just for a comparison. 

NOW, that you have made the first three steps, a great start is well done. Learn all instructions from your partners e-mails and Members' Areas, and make trials. Each Traffic Generator has its own conditions and rules. BUILD A PARTNERSHIP WITH THEM and use the FREE facilities they offer for your benefits.        


  Probably you wonder where the money will come from. You might have asked yourself: Who is my employer? Who will pay my salary? What should I sell? 

            Answers for those questions are:  You are nobody's employee and you will earn no salary. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS, who SHOULD SELL NOTHING AND RECRUIT NOBODY, yet you WILL MAKE MONEY.          HERE IS THE KEY.

     There are two companies with two different websites and two different marketing strategies.  They allow  new members to register for FREE.  

       For the time being these two will be sufficient just to start with.  Learn about their systems from the FREE LESSONS, especially  SFI with its 'Smart Start' program. They will send e-mails about their step-by-step lesson. These are not the "Quick and Easy Money" or "Get a million dollars in 5 minutes" boasts but systematic ways to gradually earn money.

       A duplicate website is 'given' to every member, designed by the company, with the member's name attached as a sponsor.  Put BOTH URLs in all Traffic Generators.    

    To enter their registration sites just click LINK 11. and LINK 12.  in the box below. 

LINK 11.  click here   Free Store Club.

LINK 12.   click here SFI

Who are they? 

     1. FREE STORE CLUB (LINK 11.) is a group of retail and wholesale business. This club has its own marketing system called Exact Method Marketing (EMM). Just to see the lesson for a glance you can click here prepaidliving.  

    2. SFI   (LINK 12.) is an "old crack" in Marketing System with thousands of new members registered everyday. Profits to be shared amongst its members often reached hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, derivate from its 1 million items.  SFI will give you free lessons on how to work as a marketing partner.   



       Collect POINTS.

          In general the Traffic Generators exhibit a member's website once for every 2 clicks the member made.  Some make it 1 for 1 click or 4 for 5 clicks. Let say that they exhibit your website only once for every 2 clicks you made. Each click is for 20 to 40 seconds. Within an hour you can make at least 60 clicks, which make your sites to be shown 30 times somewhere else. You can double, or triple this number by doing these following steps:

     1. Neglect the Traffic Generators' offer to add extra points if a member put the page as a start page. Instead, set the start page to BLANK. 

     2. Open three or four Traffic Generators, one after the other so that there will be three or four different windows for three or four different ready to click Traffic Generators. Alternately click them, one after the other. These alternate clicks on three or four sites will at least double the collected points for the same length of duration.

Do not use Robot. They will detect it and your clicks will not be counted. All clicks have to be made manually.

     3. A conservative calculation shows that within an-hour-a-day work a member can collect 120 points. This means that the member's sites are shown 60 times a day everywhere, except on the member's monitor. If the 'working time' is 1 hour a day,  5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, then the sites are exhibited 60 X 5 X 4 times or 1200 times. 

          Supposed every exhibition is seen only by a single person, there will be 1200 persons a month to have seen it. If only 1% of them fill up the registration form, and half of them upgrade their membership to the pro, the mentioned member will earn 6 X US$ 10 or $ 60 a month. 

       Tell your Friends.

          You can speed up your growth by telling friends. If only two friends in a week are informed, and each of them  tell two more, and the next also tell two other friends each, on the fourth level there will be 30 persons on your Downline.   


No SPAM, Please.

Inform only friends you already know that they will accept your emails.   

       FREE Ads.

              Many sites offer free space to put ads. Use them. Two of those many are down here. Registration is free and membership is free.              

When there is extra money to invest, an extensive promotion through e-mails and ads will attract faster growth.

LINK 13.  click here   Ads for Free

LINK 14.  click here   AdlandPro 


    Every  Traffic Generator has a limited circumstance to reach. Websites it exhibits would be seen by relatively limited public. Using a number of Traffic Generators, and rotate the websites evenly, will  spread your promotion to a much bigger number of people than those made by one machine.

        To make the target even bigger there is a tool called Rotator, which will expand market. Many Rotator Sites charge their users quite a big amount every month, yet there are two with whom you could join in and use their machines for FREE.  

       Put Free Store Club and SFI into the Rotators' list. Another personal websites, if there is any, can be added on it.

    Ebiz Rotator offers five sites to be promoted. Three sites of the user's and two of Ebiz's are rotated anytime the user sends five points from the Traffic Generators. 

The second Rotator Site is TPM Rotator who allows users to put in as many sites as they like to be rotated.   

  STEP 7


            As it has been explained in the earlier steps, that the promotion power is in the Traffic Generators, you need to have as many Generators as possible. Not all of them should be used to collect Points everyday Use them alternately. Three or four Traffic Generators to be used on a day, the next three or four can be for the following day, the next group for every third day, etc. etc. By doing so your sites will be spread over a bigger market areas and seen by many different parts of the world.

      Here 4 more Traffic Generators are added. Simply click on the following links and register for FREE.  

 LINK 14. click here Try HitSnapper FREE Today!

 LINK 15. click here   Hit Sense

 LINK 16.   Hit Overload

 LINK 17.  click here   HitHarvester       

  STEP 8. 


Your Own On-Line Store

Another money maker available for FREE. No need to spend even a dime to have this On-Line Store. Promoting it through the Traffic Generators will increase income. 

     Just click   URL.18; Online Store, and a page will be opened to accept new CEO for this store. Use whatever word is good for your Store' name. No need to recruit, no need to think about the stocks, or the handling and shipping, or the Credit Card payment. Everything is there, and you are the CEO. What you should do is simply 'instruct'  Traffic Generators to promote it. Attracting buyers through free ads is another way to earn profits. 

  STEP 9 


        NOW, that almost everything needed to operate the network has been set up, the money making "work" is simply collecting points and inviting people to join through the many Traffic Generators. The additional income will grow, first slowly but then, on the 7th or 8th month, it will increase faster. 

     It is said ALMOST because there are few more things to be added to increase the money flow. When the three money makers mentioned above ( Free Store Club, SFI and On Line Store) begin to pour commissions and bonus down into your Bank Account, invest some amount to generate more money sources. But register as a member now, just to set up a position. By the time the investment is done, there will be a row of Downlines below.  The additional money machines are here.    

 URL.19.  click here   Revolution9  

Your attention, please.                    Do not click  It belongs to an adult site,, with all texts in Japanese.

URL.20.  click here    E-Downline

URL.21.   click here   Downline2Income 

    So far you already have the "Marketing Department", consisting of SFI, Free Store-Club (FSC) and On-Line Store (OLS). They are the sources where bonus and commissions will come from.  You also have 'spare tires', the Revolution9, E-Downline and Downline2Income. 

         2. There are Traffic Generators and two Rotators. They are your partners who will work for you, who will enter the public and select prospects to be handled by the "Marketing Department."     

        Make as many points as possible with the Traffic Generators. These points are fuel to be injected into the promotion engines. Without fuel the engines would not function. If necessary, and the financial conditions permit,  buy hits from those Traffic Generators.  Promoting through e-mails, free ads, newsletters and banners are recommended. An effective way to manage them is described in STEP 10.

# For  Traffic Generators which allow users to put only one URL: Insert only TPM  or EbizRotator to be promoted.

#  For Traffic Generators which allow users to put more than one URLs: Insert SFI, FSC, OLS, Revolution9, E-Downline and Downline2Income. In case extra lines available, insert also your Own Website (OW),  if there is any. 

# For the Rotators,  insert  SFI, FSC, OLS, Revolution9, E-Downline and Downline2Income.


  STEP  10

1.  Users of this Money Making Program should first be able to receive commissions and bonus from SFI / Link and Free Store Club (FSC). The money shared by both sites will be paid to Silver or Gold Members, for FSC (Link 11), and Multi Income Qualified Affiliate Members for SFI (Link 12). Instructions on how to gain those status are given by both companies through e-mails and their websites. 

2. Users of this Money Making Program, who have completed point 1 above, may copy all contents of this web page and change all links, from Link 1 to Link 21, into their own links, and publish the whole page to invite Referrals.  

3. The HTML of all Links are here. Copy and Paste, and the XXXXX  should be replaced with user's ID given by each web site.

Beginners who have not yet learnt HTML, click here.


Link 1. E-Gold

 <a href= ""><v:f eqn="sum @8 21600 0"/> <font size="4"><b> E-GOLD </b></font></a>

Link2. OS-Gold

 <a href= "">  OSGold. </a>

Link3. FastGold

 <a href= "">FASTGOLD.</a>

Link4. FastFreeway.

  <a href= "">FastFreeway.</a>

Link5. WebmasterQuest.

  <a href=""> WebMasterQuest </a> 

Link 6. ViralVisitors.

  <a href=" > Viral Visitors </a> 

Link 7. TrafficG.

  <a href=""> TrafficG </a> 

Link 8. NoMoreHits

<a href=""> NoMoreHits </a> 

Link 9. ClickRush.

<a href=""> Click Rush </a> 

Link 10. LinkReferral.

  <a href= ""> Link Referrals.</a> 

Link 11. FreeStoreClub.

  <a href= ""> Free Store Club. </a>

Link 12. SFI.

  <A HREF=""> SFI </a>

Link 13. AdsForFree.

  <a href="">Ads for Free </a>

Link 14. AdLandPro

  <a href=";pg=main">AdlandPro&nbsp; </a>

Link 15. Hitsense.

  <a href=""><font size="3">Hit Sense</font></a>

Link 16. HitOverload.

  <a href=""><font size="3">Hit Overload</font> </a></p>

Link 17. HitHarvester.

 <a href="" target="_blank"><font size="3" color="#0000FF">HitHarvester</font></a>  

Link 18.  On-Line Store.

<a href=""><u><span style="background-color: #FF9900">URL.18;</span> </u> Online Store, </a>

Link 19. Revolution9.

<a href="">&nbsp;Revolution9 </a> 

Link 20. E-Downline.


<a href= "">E-Downline</a>

Link 21. Downline2Income.   

<a href=>Downline2Income </a>


For Beginners.

1. Leave this page on. Do not disconnect or log-out. Open your 'Front-Page' program from the Start Menu while this web-page is still on. A blank 'Front-Page' page will appear.

2. Open File (upper left), put your cursor on New, a sub menu will appear, and click Web.

3. A pop up box appears with two rows of choices. Click on One Page Web and OK. 

A blank web page which appears on your monitor is a 'Front Page' single web page. Copy all contents of this 'Earn-More' page and paste it on your single web page. SAVE.

4. At the lower part of your monitor you will see 3 version choices; Normal, HTML, Preview.

Normal: this is the page on which you can type, change, modify or edit the contents of your web page. You should paste this 'earn-more' page on your Normal web page version. 

HTML. When you click on this version choice the HTML version of your page appears. Looking for Links and changing the IDs should be done on this version. Everytime one ID is replaced with your, don't forget to click SAVE from the File menu. 

5. Apply for a FREE WEB PAGE anywhere you like. If you could not find one, click

Bon Voyage!

This web page is dedicated without obligation to anybody above 18 years old, from anywhere,  who want to earn above average.